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Welcome to your photography training home!

Get a coffee, a tea, or a glass of something cold. Take a load off.

You’re with people who get you. Who understand you when you talk about gorgeous light or a photo just begging to be taken and totally get that if-only-I-had-my-camera frustration.

Who is The Lens Lounge for?

Photography training for beginner and intermediate photographers who want to take their photography to the next level.

You have a DSLR camera and no clicking clue on how to use it. You couldn’t be in a better place.

You’re new to photography and want to start taking great photos. We have so much information for you and can’t wait to see your style develop!

You’ve been photographing for a while and want to improve your style and technique so your photos stand out from the crowd. This is the place for you.

So much photography info in one place!

Check out our free photography tutorials for everything and anything to do with photography. We’ve got oodles of photography tips, tutorials and ideas – the full A to Z of how to take great photographs. The how. The why. The when.

Enjoy a wander around our library. Here are three great photography training tutorials to get you started…

Glossary of photography terms to understand photography jargon
Photography composition tips for better photos
Explanation of the exposure triangle in photography and how it works for manual mode

What would you like to do while you hang out with us?

If we could show you to a comfy armchair with a coffee table in arm’s reach and offer you a drink and some nibbles, we would.

Here’s what we can give you… photography training that makes sense and doesn’t intimidate, plus a friendly photography community to share your photography journey.

Teaching yourself photography can be so frustrating. Keep your hair and do it the easy way with interactive, structured learning at your own pace. Step by step online video courses to take you from confused to confident.

Get help and see results fast!

Check out our courses.

We have hours of info, tips and tutorials for you to read at your leisure. Every week our library of tutorials gets bigger as we add new articles stuffed full of awesome photography tips for you.

Improve your knowledge.

Check out our latest tutorials.

The best way to remember what you’ve learnt is to take photos and share what you’ve learnt. When you discuss your ideas and get feedback on your images, you’ll really start to see your photography skills grow.

Learn from some and help others.

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Great photos start with knowledge, which everyone can learn. We\'ll show you how. DSLR camera tutorials and tips for beginner photographers and intermediate photographers. #photography #phototips #dslr #camera