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Flattering photography standing poses for women

49 best female photography standing poses (portraits and fashion)

We’re not born knowing how to stand and pose for photos, but we all want to look good in photos. Plus, many women feel really …

Good photography sitting pose for females using limbs to create shape

Sitting poses for photoshoot for female subjects (pro tips)

I know it’s not fair that, unlike male poses, if a woman feels comfortable in a sitting pose, she probably doesn’t look her best. Sitting …

Large family photo pose

7 family portrait photography tips for outdoor photoshoots

Top of the list of family portrait photography tips is go for genuine smiles. Don’t ask everyone to say cheese, because you’ll get some very …

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main focal point on grid intersection

Examples of Rule of Thirds in photography (how to use it in composition)

The rule of thirds is one of the first composition techniques new photographers learn once they’ve figured out how to get sharp focus. I’ve written …

man breaking the rhythm of tiled wall

5 types of rhythm photography for composition that sings

Think of rhythm photography like music. We use rhythm in photography to establish a beat to a photo, to make it interesting and entertain the …

Repetition in photography composition to add interest

How to use repetition in photography composition

Photography composition: repetition Repetition in photography composition is to photography what rhythm is to a song. Repetition of an item, color or element creates a …