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Social media profile headshot in a field of buttercups

Headshot photography tips (capture the perfect shot)

Great headshots are extremely important for making a strong first impression online. Almost everyone needs them these days and you don’t need a lot of …

Basic photography poses for women and men

Basic poses for photography (a portrait photographer’s guide)

Portrait photography has changed a lot in the last couple of decades, because of digital cameras and particularly the eye autofocus ability of mirrorless cameras. …

Flattering photography standing poses for women

49 best female photography standing poses (portraits and fashion)

We’re not born knowing how to stand and pose for photos, but we all want to look good in photos. Plus, many women feel really …

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Balloons, background and clothing are primary triadic palette

Triadic colors in photography (for a vibrant color scheme)

The easiest way to explain triadic colors in photography is to ask you to think of Superman and Wonder Woman. Their costumes are the ultimate …

high tonal contrast black and white photo of woman and fishing boat

What is high contrast in photography? (how to use it)

Understanding what is high contrast in photography and how to use it helps photographers create striking, visually appealing and emotionally impactful images. Our eyes are …

Portrait with a lot of active negative space

What is active space in photography composition?

Active space in photography composition can vary in size, shape and where it is in an image, depending on the composition and intended impact of …