How to attach a camera strap to your camera …the right way

You’ve got a fantastic new camera that you’ve wanted for ages and you just can’t wait to get clicking. Not so fast. Do you know how to attach a camera strap to your camera properly?

Don’t just take that camera strap out of the box and put it on any old how. It could slip!

Cameras are quite heavy, and once you add the weight of a lens and maybe a flash too, you have a fair weight hanging from your neck.

If you want your camera gear to be safe while you use it, this is definitely one time that you really should read the manual on how to attach a camera strap to your camera the right way.

Are you sure your camera strap is fitted correctly?

If you’ve had your camera a while and can’t remember how you fastened the strap on, it would be a very good idea to check and make sure it’s okay. Also, just because you’ve had other cameras, doesn’t mean that you did it correctly, so it’s worthwhile checking anyway. 

I speak from experience on this mistake.

I’ve had 8 SLR and DSLR cameras over the years, but 2 cameras ago I got a fright when I noticed that I’d attached the strap incorrectly. It had been that way for about a month before I spotted it!

How to attach a camera strap correctly in 8 steps

Manuals are boring, so I’ve put together this easy step by step guide for you to ensure that you attach your camera strap securely to your camera.

Step 1

Thread the strap through from the outside of the metal ring in towards the camera.

How to fix a camera strap to a camera

Step 2

Feed the strap through the fastener and pull it down. Then pull some of the strap from the top through the buckle to create a loop.

The right way to fasten a camera strap to a DSLR camera

Step 3

Thread the short bit of strap through the top hole in the buckle towards the inside of your loop.

How to fit a camera strap to a DSLR camera

Step 4

Thread the short bit of strap down through the bottom hole in the buckle.

Fastening a camera strap

Step 5

Pull the short bit of strap down, now in the middle of two other parts of the strap.

Camera care. How to fit a camera strap.

Step 6

Pull the main part of the strap up to tighten up the slack in the buckle.

Tips on fixing a camera strap to a DSLR camera

Step 7

Work the fastener up towards the buckle. This may be a bit tricky, because it’s tight, but that’s a good thing. You won’t need to do this again, so it’s worth the effort.

How to put on a camera strap

Step 8

Repeat on the other side. (I know…stating the obvious!)

There you have it, your camera strap is securely fastened to your camera and you can concentrate on taking great photographs.

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