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Privacy Notice

This document uses “I” and “me” to refer to Jane Allan, owner and founder of

I offer free services and paid-for services for people looking to improve their photography.

All questions and requests should be directed to


    The data I collect is at minimum, a first name and an email address given to me voluntarily through an online opt-in form to sign up for my newsletter in return for free content, or by an individual signing up for an online course. I collect only the data I need in order to fulfil delivery of my services.


    Data I collect is always collected with a clear intention for its use, which is clearly explained to the individual voluntarily giving me the data the time.

    This will always be for one or all of the following intentions: Sending requested free or paid for email content, sending marketing emails, delivering a requested and paid-for service via an online learning platform.

  3. SHARING –

    No data that I collect will be shared with anyone ever, or intended to be used for any other reason other than the situations explained in #2.


    My computer is protected by robust anti-virus software that is kept up to date. All data I collect is contained within the various online platforms I use comprising: Convertkit (email marketing) and Teachable (online course). I also use Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels as part of my marketing efforts.

All of the platforms I use are protected by unique usernames and passwords saved within the Safari internet browser.

If my computer or smartphone are ever stolen or lost, I can remotely access all the data I collect and log out/change my password on all devices, thus barring anyone from discovering the data on the device without me. I can also wipe Safari remotely if necessary.


    All data I collect is voluntarily given to me by the individual concerned via an online form (and collected as mentioned on the platforms in #4).

    No data is saved or collected by me via social media accounts, unless that held within the social media account itself on their own platform, not owned by me. I do not own access to this or collect it in any other way other than explicitly outlined in this document.

    Individuals signing up to my mailing list (Convertkit) in exchange for a free gift or other service, will receive a confirmation email to their inbox before being added properly.

    This is known as a “double opt-in”, and confirms that the individual concerned is giving me explicit permission to email them. Anyone who does not click “confirm” on that first email, will not be added to the mailing list, and their data will not be collected (nor will they receive any communication from me in future, unless they sign up and confirm at a later time).


    I never buy data or share it. I only receive data from the sources explicitly outlined in this document.


    All individuals can unsubscribe from email marketing and communication sent to them by me at any time – ALL emails have an “unsubscribe” link, which will unsubscribe them from that particular email list permanently.

    They can also choose to “unsubscribe” from ALL communications from me completely. This will take all their data off my mailing list, and stop all emails being sent to them from me, unless they re-sign up at a future time.

    All individuals can also choose to “unlike” and/or “block” my page on Facebook, and “unfollow” or “block” me on Instagram or Twitter, at will, with no data saved, and no further communications or content shown or sent to them in future.


    All data I have collected from individuals can be viewed at any time by the individual concerned, on written email request to me. I will send an individual ALL the data I have on them via email if requested. Please send requests to


    I will permanently delete all data I have pertaining to an individual upon written email request. This will include any and all data I have on them, including name, email address, and ALL other data or identifying information I hold across ALL platforms, as mentioned in this document. Please email with this request.


Please see my Cookie Policy


This policy was last updated on 24th May 2018.

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