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Start taking great photos today

Clicking Clueless to Confident Photographer

  • Closer to confident with each chapter
  • Exercises & cheatsheets to make it easy
  • Instant digital download

Time is slipping away and you’re not getting the great shots you dreamed of!

Not even close! You’re still struggling with the basics.

Get to grips with your camera now

Modern cameras are incredible, but they are also very confusing to learn alone. Stop missing the moments in your life while you try to figure out how to use your camera.

Learn to take great photos and never lose another memory!

  • your life
  • your loves
  • the places you’re going

The ebook your camera manufacturer should have included for you!

Step by step to better photos

Camera Basics

If you don’t know the basics, you’ll never get your dream photos.

So we’re aiming for success by starting at the beginning with how to hold a camera, understand the language and set up your digital camera.

Photography fundamentals

The hardest part of photography for beginners is understanding how exposure works.

We’ll tackle it one bite at a time so that it’s not overwhelming. Then we’ll build up to creative exposure techniques. Now your photography is starting to come alive!


Getting a sharp image – the most frustrating problem for beginner photographers! A week from now you’ll be autofocusing confidently and accurately.

This is so exciting – you’re clued up and ready to develop your own style of photography!

Let’s impress everyone with what you can do!

Take control of your camera

  • Closer to confident with each chapter
  • Exercises & cheatsheets to make it easy
  • Instant digital download


Can you read an ebook without internet?
Yes, you can download it at checkout and then access it on your device at any time.

What format is the book in?
It is a digital download file in PDF format.

How long will it take to download?
The download speed depends on your internet connection, but it should take just seconds to download.

Can I print it out?
Yes, just make sure that the printer you’re printing to is set to A4, not letter or legal. Just so you know, there are 164 pages, including 5 pages of cheat sheets at the end.

What’s included?
Along with step by step explanations of photography concepts, there are diagrams, cheat sheets, exercises to do at home and 94 photos, mostly with camera settings detailed alongside them.

Who is it for?
Clicking Clueless to Confident Photography is for beginner photographers who want to take control of their camera, be confident in getting the shot and start getting creative with their photography.

What will I learn?
By the end of the book you will have a solid understanding of the fundamental concepts of photography and how your camera works.