Course Opening Soon!

Taking you from confused beginner to confident photographer

A comprehensive online beginner photography course for anyone with a DSLR. This course is ideal for parents who want to take great photos of their kids. If you bought a DSLR when they were born to capture every precious moment beautifully…and you’re still struggling. This is the course for you! Ensure you capture those precious memories from baby to teenager to adult.

Of course it’s not just for parents. There’s great information for all beginner photographers to start taking sharp, beautifully composed, well exposed images.

Here’s a quick peek at the course curriculum and what you can look forward to in Camera Boss to Photo Boss …

Camera Boss to Photo Boss builds on our foundation course, Be The Boss of Your Camera. So we’ll start with a quick recap of what you’ve already learned and then get into the details of how to take a great photographs.

We’ll start at the beginning with a fully charged up DSLR and freshly formatted memory cards, then work all the way through to post production and editing.


So it makes sense to start with Photography Gear & Caring for it:

  • Camera types
  • Lens types
  • Speedlights
  • Reflectors
  • Tripods

We’ll go through how to Create an Efficient Workflow:

  • Naming and Filing images
  • Lightroom as an Image Database

Along the way we’ll really Get To Grips with the Fundamentals:

  • Shooting in RAW
  • Focusing for different situations
  • Controlling Exposure
  • White Balance
  • Shooting in Aperture Priority
  • Shooting in Shutter Priority
  • Shooting in Manual (it’s not so scary)
  • Choosing the correct focal length for the situation

We’ll learn to Master Light:

  • Types of Natural Light
  • How to see Light
  • How to use Light
  • How to control Light
  • Off Camera Flash

We’ll see how far we can stretch our creative muscles with Creative Elements:

  • Composition Techniques
  • Photographing Reflections
  • Photographing Water
  • Photographing Design Elements
  • Black and White versus Colour Photography
  • Photographing with Scale in mind
  • High Key and Low Key Photography Styles

Then, like any shoot, we’ll finish off with Post Processing:

  • Introduction to editing in Lightroom
  • Introduction to editing in Photoshop
  • Exporting Images for Print
  • Exporting Images for Web
  • Safe Storage and Backing Up Images