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Flattering photography standing poses for women

49 best female photography standing poses (portraits and fashion)

We’re not born knowing how to stand and pose for photos, but we all want to look good in photos. Plus, many women feel really …

Good photography sitting pose for females using limbs to create shape

Sitting poses for photoshoot for female subjects (pro tips)

Sitting poses for a photoshoot for female subjects are a science, but getting it right makes such a difference! I know it’s not fair that, …

Large family photo pose

7 family portrait photography tips for outdoor photoshoots

Top of the list of family portrait photography tips is go for genuine smiles. Don’t ask everyone to say cheese, because you’ll get some very …

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Portrait with a lot of active negative space

What is active space in photography composition?

Active space in photography composition can vary in size, shape and where it is in an image, depending on the composition and intended impact of …

Superhero themed photo cropped for dynamic composition

Cropping photos for maximum impact and better composition

What is cropping in photography composition? Cropping in photography is framing an image for the best composition and maximum impact. The three different types of …

Child is positive space in strawberry patch

Using positive space in photography composition

Space is an important element of design in photography composition, but most of us learn about negative space long before we encounter positive space. Well, …